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DDC in Thailand has stopped updating positive ATK results

Last Monday, the CCSA resolved to classify all provinces as yellow, indicating the greatest level of surveillance, blue, indicating tourist zones, or green, indicating low surveillance.

There are now 46 yellow provinces, 17 blue provinces, and 14 green provinces in the country. According to the plan, the DDC will only record incidents that need hospitalization beginning June 1. In the green and blue provinces, nightlife is returning, with alcohol sales authorized until midnight. Promotions of alcoholic beverages are illegal, as is the sharing of alcoholic beverages, and bartenders and other nightlife employees must wear face masks. Thailand’s Department of Disease Control has discontinued using ATK testing to report Covid-19 infections. According to a CCSA spokesman, another concept for boosting Covid-19 reporting will be presented to the Public Health Ministry’s Emergency Operations Centre tomorrow.

Masks are recommended for individuals in the high-risk “608” category, which includes those aged 60 and up, those with underlying diseases, and pregnant women, as well as everyone in crowded settings. The Public Health Ministry has already modified its case reporting to a two-week average, according to spokeswoman Dr. Sumanee Wacharasint, while the CCSA continues to provide daily information on the illnesses. Worldometers reports 3,694 new Covid-19 cases and 24 new deaths in Thailand today. The announcement comes after the Public Health Ministry announced that the mask requirement would be lifted in some locations and that legislation might be changed by the middle of June.

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