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Following noise complaints, establishments in Phuket are accused of breaking the Covid-19 rules

Following complaints of loud noise after the midnight closing period, Phuket police detained two nightclub operators earlier this week. Both of its locations are in the central business district of the island province. Phuket officials have been alert for Covid-19 as Thailand’s bars and clubs have ‘officially’ reopened around the nation.

Both managers are accused of breaking the curfew and COVID-19 rules, and one is also accused of breaking the regulations governing entertainment employment at entertainment venues. Both managers were brought to Phuket City Police Station to await additional legal repercussions. This week in Phuket, a dispute over violations of the Covid-19 limit evolved from noise concerns. Although it is hoped that all of the pronouncements made on Friday will be effective as of July 1, this will require posting in the Royal Gazette first, which is a Thai administrative requirement.

Before presenting a proposal to the cabinet, the CCSA is requesting clarification from the National Security Council so that it can examine the legal specifics of the new closing periods. In an effort to determine if venues were according to public health regulations, Phuket Vice Governor Pichet Panaphong, Phuket City Police, and other officials visited locations near the Nimit Circle (also known as Seahorse Circle) earlier this month. The CCSA in Thailand declared last week that as of July 1 the closing time would be changed to 2am (and 1am in “certain” locations). There are three rules that regulate the closing times for night entertainment venues, therefore this week a CCSA spokeswoman stated that “it is still unclear when operating hours would be extended to 2am.”

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