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Monkey pox will be evaluated at airports

Monkey pox symptoms are comparable to smallpox symptoms, however they are usually milder and less contagious. On Friday, the World Health Organization gathered to discuss the problem, which has resulted in over 100 cases across Europe. Scientists, on the other hand, believe the pandemic will not spread over the globe. According to Supakij, three drugs used to treat smallpox are being investigated for effectiveness against monkey pox. In the 40 years since smallpox was declared eliminated in 1980, no immunizations against the disease have been offered.

The inspection will focus on tourists from 17 different nations, according to Sathit Pitutecha. The DDC, on the other hand, claims that authorities will need to assess the hazards. 130 tourists from at-risk nations arrived lately, according to Thassayu Dechachote, the head of disease management at Phuket Airport, but no cases of monkey pox have been documented. Particular attention will be paid to arrivals from the United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal. Thailand’s Ministry of Health has not classified monkey pox as a serious communicable illness, and no cases of the virus have been documented. Travelers from certain countries will be requested to take a test if they exhibit symptoms such as a rash. However, no testing is believed to have taken place. According to Thailand’s deputy health minister, airport terminals are being told to inspect arriving travelers for monkey pox symptoms.

Vaccines, on the other hand, are designed to prevent the virus from turning into a bioweapon. While Thailand has no intentions to create a vaccine, Dr Supakij Sirilak of the Department of Medical Sciences asserts that smallpox vaccinations are 85 percent effective against monkey pox and that his department may study and approve them if needed.

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