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Thailand continues to require face masks on public transport and in movie theaters

The elimination of all remaining Covid-19 limitations and the complete reopening of Thailand’s borders to international travelers was a recent cause for celebration in Thailand. Masks must be worn while riding all forms of public transit around the country, despite the fact that visitors do not need to show proof of vaccination or that they have tested negative for the disease.

An explanation to this effect was provided by a deputy director of the Department of Health, who stated that some of the Covid safety and preventative procedures are still in effect. Masks are still compulsory for patrons and passengers at movie theaters as well as on all forms of public transit, including buses, trains, and subways. In addition, people are still strongly pushed to maintain a social distance in order to prevent unnecessary risk.

Other sanitary and safety measures will still be adhered to in order to prevent the spread of Covid infections. These measures include the screening of employees as well as customers, as well as the frequent and thorough cleaning of all surfaces and contact points in establishments that have a greater potential for the transmission of coronavirus.

Since yesterday, Thailand has eased some of the limitations on who can enter the country, and the country’s pandemic alert level has been reduced. It used to be thought of as one of the most serious communicable diseases in the country, but now all that can be said about it is that it is one of the communicable diseases that is being monitored.

As a result of this reduction, certain requirements, such as verification of vaccines and negative tests, have been removed. In addition, maintaining social distance and wearing face masks are still essential when riding public transportation, but these precautions are no longer necessary in schools. Students are now able to attend classes in person, without having to wear masks or sit at desks that have been moved apart. Students are free to collaborate in groups of any size as group activities have been removed from the list of banned extracurriculars.

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