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Thailand’s Covid-19 limitations will change on June 1st

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A lot of Covid-19 restrictions in Thailand will be lifted beginning of next month, while certain regulations will differ by location. There are now 46 yellow provinces, 17 blue provinces, and 14 green provinces in the country. In the green and blue provinces, nightlife is being restored, with alcohol sales allowing until midnight. However, liquor advertisements and the sharing of beverages are prohibited, and bartenders and other nightlife employees should use face masks.

On the other hand, Thailand’s immigration restrictions have been eased even further, with the Thailand Pass for returning Thais being abolished as of June 1. For international immigrants, though, the much-criticized procedure remains in place. It’s not only a matter of operating for bars and nightclubs in the green and blue zones. Business owners must first obtain clearance from the provincial communicable disease committee. Employees must be screened for Covid-19 signs and must have an antigen test every seven days. Customers must produce proof of immunization and adhere to disease prevention guidelines. Thailand’s state of emergency has been prolonged once more up until July 31.

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