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WHO supports eradication of the Covid pandemic

Six policy briefs were just released by the WHO to help nations fight the infection. According to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the organization, the number of new cases has plummeted to its lowest point since March 2020. Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO Covid technical lead, expressed concern about an undercount of cases by pointing out that many nations have reduced testing and reporting of less severe cases. A 12% decrease was also seen the previous week.

Tedros emphasized the need for states to invest in immunizing all of their most vulnerable populations, including the elderly. The WHO epidemiological report on the number of Covid cases showed a 28% decrease during the week ending September 11. However, appearances can be misleading, as the group warned that despite the decline in reported cases, the disease may not be slowing down as a result of the numbers. Continued viral testing and sequencing are further measures. According to Van Kerkhove, there will probably be other waves of infection in the future that could be linked to existing or brand-new Omicron variations. However, she allayed worries by stating that those new waves won’t inevitably result in more fatalities. “These police briefings are an urgent appeal for governments to examine their policies carefully and strengthen them for Covid-19 and future diseases with the potential to cause a pandemic,” states the police brief. The director of WHO emergencies, Michael Ryan, agreed. “We can all work together to stop this pandemic, but only if all nations, businesses, neighborhoods, and people take action.” As the number of newly reported cases of Covid-19 declines, the World Health Organization calls for an end to the pandemic.

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