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An expert on viruses urges Thailand’s populace to restock for the pandemic fight

Dr. Yong Poovorawan compared vaccination to preparing the body’s immune system to serve as a front-line combatant against invasive illnesses. In particular among the “608” group, booster doses have shown to be quite beneficial in averting severe symptoms, hospitalization, and death.

The Covid-19 virus attacks our bodies directly, but it also mutates or disguises itself so that the troops cannot recognize it as a threat, eventually overcoming our defenses.

No matter how many vaccinations you have received, you could still get Covid-19. Dr. Yong is referring to the 608 category, which includes adults over 60, those with severe chronic illnesses, and pregnant women who are at least 12 weeks along in their pregnancy. Patients with chronic kidney disease and those on immunosuppressants are encouraged to choose the long-acting antibody, which is now widely accessible in Thailand, as their immunity cannot be increased through vaccinations. The 71-year-old doctor is urging the people of Thailand to take a booster to help strengthen their defenses even further. Last night, one of Thailand’s best virologists declared that in order to beat Covid-19, everyone in the kingdom must update their vaccinations with a booster shot.

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