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Beginning on October 1, Covid-19 limitations will be eliminated

Health officials have described the situation as more of an endemic than a pandemic, and the Thai government has been planning for some time to transition to a post-pandemic era. At that meeting, it was also determined that isolating those with minor or no signs of the virus was unnecessary. However, those with “dangerous” stages of leprosy or tuberculosis, symptomatic elephantiasis, third-stage syphilis, and disorders associated with drug addiction are still prohibited from entering. New precautions would be implemented based on the inhabitants, visitors, and affected individuals. Such interventions consist of encouraging sick individuals to continue wearing face masks and to increase hand washing and social isolation for five days. Those with chronic alcoholism are likewise prohibited from entry. Today, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul announced the revisions following a meeting with the National Communicable Disease Committee. Two days ago, the cabinet removed the virus from a list of prohibited diseases among foreign visitors, thus permitting foreigners infected with the virus to enter the kingdom. According to Anutin, the committee has resolved to redefine Covid-19 as a communicable disease subject to surveillance. The action comes after the deputy director-general of the Centers for Disease Control assessed that current coronavirus symptoms do not appear to be severe, with many infected individuals exhibiting simply cold-like symptoms.

This year, according to government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri, approximately five million visitors visited Thailand. After five days, the restriction that ordinarily necessitates a Covid test has also been relaxed. However, affected individuals may be required to adhere to tougher disease control standards at their jobs. One million of these individuals have arrived just this month. The Thai government had earlier set a goal of at least 10 million foreign tourists for this year. As of October 1, visitors to Thailand will no longer be required to present a Covid-19 vaccine or test certificate.

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