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Face masks are still compulsory for riders of the BTS Skytrain

The official declaration that wearing masks is optional in outdoor and airy settings shocked Thais last night, according to The Royal Gazette.

The platform continued to advocate face mask use in crowded spaces, public gathering spots, and settings where social distance cannot be practiced. Despite a notice on the Royal Gazette platform stating that wearing a face mask is now optional in Thailand, the BTS Skytrain operator in Bangkok stated today that all passengers must still wear one inside their trains and around the platform area. As a result, BTS Skytrain riders must continue to wear masks while boarding the trains, waiting for them on the platform, and entering the stations.
The majority of Thai internet users who commented supported the business’s policy. I completely agree, someone said. “Please keep wearing it,” “Super crowded, please wear it,” and “Don’t dare to enter if there are no more masks.”

Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited, which operates the BTS Skytrain, made it plain to all users on the company’s Facebook page that all users must wear masks at all times when using the system.

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