According to National Security Council Secretary-General Supoj Malaniyom, any requested revisions would be debated by the CCSA’s operations center before being forwarded to the CCSA’s main committee. The CCSA welcomes fresh ideas and comments from a range of sources for improving the present Covid regulations.

The Ministry of Public Health has a clear plan and timeframe in place for when and how the face mask restriction will be abolished, and coronavirus will be declared an epidemic outbreak. The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration will assess new recommendations for eliminating Covid restrictions on Friday, with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha stressing that public safety remained a key priority. Before any suggestions to expand reopening to other provinces are considered, any difficulties with the current reopening arrangement must be overcome. Adapting the color-coded Covid concept and relaxing the restrictions for nightclubs will be among the options discussed. The ministry is creating new standards for all medical facilities to follow as Thailand enters a new Covid era in July. When a Covid infection occurs, the rules will be critical in ensuring public access to healthcare as quickly as possible. The government views the usage of face masks as a critical tool for restoring stability in Thailand’s economy, so any further relaxation of laws will have to be carefully studied.

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