Because of the design, Covid cannot enter the body through the nose. The Health System Research Institute’s head praised the original nature of the Thai invention. Its name was chosen by the makers to be catchy, like most Covid medications. The product will be marketed as “VAILL CITITRAP Anti-Cov Nasal Spray.” After the medical team refined the spray, the private sector will now seize control of all consumer goods distribution and manufacture. Users should be protected from the virus by ingesting the spray three times daily or in doses every six hours. The nasal spray was created by a group of doctors and researchers at the esteemed university. The spray may serve as a preventative measure against coronavirus infections, one can only hope. As a result, the pores get blocked, preventing the Covid virus from entering the body through the nasal cavity. Through Facebook and the @Covitrap account on the LINE app, information about the new Thai nasal spray may be found. The introduction of Hibiocy’s anti-Covid nasal spray, scheduled to be on sale on October 1st, was announced.

The spray was created domestically by scientists at Chulalongkorn University’s college of medicine in Thailand. The nasal spray has now also been granted patent rights by Hibiocy. It is now prepared for sales and distribution in the marketplace. The nasal spray will be marketed starting on Saturday, according to the CEO of the firm making it, a division of Rojukiss International. He made the news yesterday. At all of its medical offices and pharmacies, including Senizens and Panacura, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization also has knowledgeable pharmacists on staff. By applying hydroxypropyl methylcellulose to the inside of your nose, the nasal spray works.

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