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Bangkok physician issues a lung infection warning due to new Covid-19 sub-variant

The physician, Nithipat Jearakul, is the director of the respiratory disease and tuberculosis department at Siriraj Hospital. According to Nithipat, the Omicron BA.5 sub variation is just as detrimental to the lungs as the earlier Delta version. However, the majority of those who get lung infections belong to at-risk groups. According to Nithipat, the majority of those who have BA.5 lung infections belong to the so-called “608” group. Pregnant women, those 60 years of age and older, and those with underlying illnesses are included in this. It also includes people who have had just one, two, or no vaccinations at all. Few individuals with lung infections, according to Nithipat, have received booster injections. “Getting enough booster shots can avert hospitalization and death,” he said. However, according to a government spokeswoman, the majority of Covid sufferers fall into the “green” category, meaning they only have minor or insignificant symptoms like a fever, brief loss of taste and smell, a sore throat, a cough, and a runny nose. According to Nithipat, out of all those receiving treatment for Covid, 800 have lung infections. This warning follows yesterday’s recommendation from Thailand’s Public Health Ministry that patients with Covid stay in quarantine for 10 days. According to him, this accounts for around 8% of coronavirus hospitalizations. This percentage is significantly lower than the proportion of those infected with the Delta variety who also had lung infections, according to Nithipat. The World Health Organization cautions that the Covid pandemic is far from over even though things seem to be returning to normal.

But he claimed that the severity of the lung infections was comparable. A doctor in Bangkok is alerting the public of lung illnesses linked to the new Covid-19 sub-variant. Dr. Rungrueng Kitphati, a spokeswoman for the Public Health Ministry, stated that anyone leaving their home, such as for a trip to the hospital, must wear a mask.

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