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Bangkok’s governor says officials would talk about lowering the necessity for wearing a mask outside

Thailand’s Public Health Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, is still opposed to the mask requirement being relaxed. Thailand’s Covid infections could reach 10,000 every day, according to Anutin, now that the country’s nightlife has ‘officially’ reopened.

According to the Associated Press, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Public Health warned that “venues are at a greater danger since they are noisy and persons need to converse loudly.”

“Some people may take off their masks and talk to one another, potentially sparking disease outbreaks.”

Bangkok’s new governor, Chadchart Sittipunt, has indicated plans to consider lowering mask rules in Thailand’s capital, following the perplexing mask policy flip-flop in Phuket. On the other hand, Chadchart has not set a date for the meeting. The governor also intends to investigate the legality of extending nightclub closing times past the existing midnight limit. Keeping the closing hour so early, he claimed, only served to increase crowds and dissatisfy foreign visitors. He noted that the Bangok Metropolitan Administration would meet with public health and medical authorities later this week to discuss the outside mask-wearing law.

Meanwhile, Phuket Governor Narong, in a surprise move, revoked the island province’s mask-easing decision this week.

Provincial governors have been instructed that they can impose restraints that are stricter than the CCSA’s existing restrictions and guidelines, but not stricter than the CCSA’s current restrictions and guidelines, in the past. As a result, provincial governors are prohibited from unilaterally altering the CCSA’s Covid 19 recommendations, such as the necessity to wear face masks in public, which is part of Thailand’s emergency order, which runs until the end of July this year. As part of his efforts to decrease Covid-19 regulations, the governor recently lifted all rules, allowing healthy people to remove their face masks while in open-air venues such as beaches, public parks, and stadiums. On the other side, Narong advised individuals to wear masks the next day in all public locations, even if they were using social distancing tactics.

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